• We need to cut taxes and regulations that hurt Vermont small businesses and farms. We must restore fiscal responsibility to state government.
  • Small development projects should be exempt from ACT250 and the permitting process must be streamlined.
  • Small businesses and farms need easier, faster and more flexible financing options through our revolving loan funds.
  • Fix our roads and bridges. Fill the potholes! Vermont Agency of Transportation and contractors have made progress on many roads and bridges but, much more needs to be done.
  • Expand cell and internet service.
  • Promote new markets for Vermont made products.


We all want a clean environment but, we differ on how to achieve this.

  • No Carbon Tax! This is just a way for progressives and other liberals to steal your hard earned, money. They want to raise the cost of heating your home and driving to work.
  • We can encourage fuel efficiency, weatherization and park & rides.
  • Support renewable energy projects when properly sited. We should produce as much of our own energy as possible right here in Vermont.
  • Separate our city sewer and storm water systems. We must stop dumping millions of gallons of sewage into our rivers and lakes. Extremists choose to ignore this problem and pick on our farmers instead. Leave our farmers alone!


We must take the market away from the drug dealers and expand the Vermont State Police led Intelligence Based Policing Program. How do we take the market away you may ask?

  • Educate our kids about drugs through the LEAD (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) program. This replaces DARE and is based on statistical data and more interactive with the kids.
  • Vermont needs a secure rehab facility that could be used as a diversion program saving court costs. Once an addict is checked in, they cannot check themselves out while detoxing. They get counseling and job training while working within the facility.
  • We need to fully support the VSP major crime unit, drug task force, and crime lab.
  • We need to end our system of catch and release of criminals. It only works for fishing!
  • I will fight for victims’ rights!


  • Support our hard-working dedicated teachers.
  • Support Preschool
  • For School Lunches. No child should go hungry.
  • Technical Education. We need to prepare our kids for careers in technical fields too.
  • School choice. Some kids will do better in one school vs. another.
  • Repeal Act 46. We need a cost benefit analysis. We are not saving any money or improved our kids and test scores. We need local control.
  • Cost growth could be better controlled by requiring school budgets be passed by Australian ballot instead of voice votes.


To provide the very best health care at the lowest cost we need choice and competition. Let the free markets work!

  • Patients want to choose their doctors and have coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • Insurance choice. Vermonters should be able to choose between private insurance, Health Savings Accounts or buy into Green Mountain Care. We should consider allowing more insurance purchases across state lines.
  • Hospitals should post the prices of major procedures so patients can choose the best price and service.
  • Support the re-importation of lower cost prescription drugs from Canada.
  • Support more organic and natural therapies and remedies.


Vermont farmers have been hard hit with declining prices and increased costs for decades. Some have survived by diversifying into other ag products or going organic. More needs to be done to help them or we will lose many more.

  • Call on our congressional delegation to pass USMCA which replaces NAFTA and puts Vermont dairy farmers on a level field with Canadian dairy farms.
  • Support the Hemp growers and processors.
  • Promote Vermont made Ag products in more regional, national and international markets. Drink Milk!
  • Support tax relief for food producing farms through current use and/or income tax credits.


I support the 2nd amendment.  I do not support further restrictions on law abiding citizens. If someone were to break into your home and intends harm in the early morning hours when most law enforcement is off duty, it could take an hour or more for an officer to arrive in many small towns. You must be able to defend yourself and your family!